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Our goal in ministry is to share and show the character and nature of the Father through joy, delight and unconditional love. Since 1997, HE has taken us to the ends of the earth ministering to children and the young at heart through storytelling, song, sight gags, slight of hand, crafts and drama. Join in the adventure. Share the way, the truth and the life around the world.

Smiling in His service,

Charlynn Johns
Executive Director

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Announcing the release of "A Good Reason To Go"

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A Good Reason To Go will overwhelm you with the reality of a lost world, but inspire you with victories in the field. Charlynn Johns has a soldier's heart for battle, a farmer's heart for sowing, and a lover's heart for the lost.

What people are saying:

"I was privileged to read A Good Reason To Go before the official publication. When I started there was such sadness, so much need; I wondered how she can maintain her faith. Then as I kept reading, the faith became almost contagious. I read the mission, call and duty through her eyes and heart as well as through the eyes and hearts of the children so vividly brought to light in the stories. My vision for the lost and broken has been reawakened."
Kimberly Mayfield, Detective, Crimes Against Children Division

"We have long contributed our prayers and financial support to God’s ministries in the U.S. and around the world, but it was not until we met Charlynn Johns and began to follow her through her amazing adventures in service to the Lord that we truly understood the joys and sacrifices of international ministry. Ready to risk her health, her physical safety and her heart in order to reach the world for Christ, Charlynn has taught us about the sacrifices and joys of front line ministry. Told with passion and honesty, A Good Reason To Go will put you next to Charlynn on the front lines. Scary, thrilling, and joyfully inspirational!"
Kathie and William Kreager, FAIA, LEED® AP, MIRM

"Charlynn Johns writings immerse you in the midst of the missionary world. A Good Reason To Go transports you to countries you have only dreamed of. You can feel, taste and smell the environment of the lost and broken of humanity. You cry with the down-trodden and praise God with the victories of the soul. She answered Jesus, the apparent driving force of her words, in the call to share the Gospel to the ends of the earth."
Iesha Cogburn - Mission Partner to Tanzania, Africa

"I have traveled with Charlynn on numerous trips to the former Soviet Union. I marveled at her written accounts of things we experienced in the field. A Good Reason To Go is the compiled record of the compassion and mercy she saw in the Father’s heart while on mission fields around the world. She has a gift to write words that speak to our need for the Savior, and of His love for all people to know and believe in Him."
Barbara Deatherage, LPC, affiliate staff East West Ministries International

Author Bio:

Charlynn Johns has been involved with international mission work since 1994. In 1997, she founded the non-profit organization Sunshine After Rain Ministries working primarily with orphans, people affected by war, trauma and disability. The ministry outreach spans the globe touching tens of thousands of lives in the United States, Israel, China, Bosnia, Bolivia, Haiti, Cuba, Finland, Ghana, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Sri Lanka, and Siberia. Her prior published works include: Sunshine After Rain Promised Land Poetry and Prose, as well as writing for Zola Levitt Presents television show. Ms. Johns work Upon this Rock, won the 2002 Questar Award for Best Religious Organization Video Production. She has also penned over sixty Christian songs aired on the broadcasts of Zola Levitt Presents.

A Good Reason To Go chronicles her heart felt lessons of life, lived on the journey of faith.

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