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Sunshine After Rain Ministries

APF Ministries, Ghana West Africa Africa Slideshow

NATIVE TEXANS ALLAN AND PATSY FULTON were enjoying a profitable career in the oil and gas industry. In 1994, after teaching six courses of the Bible study Experiencing God, they experienced GOD! A visiting Pastor from Ghana, West Africa came to their church and uttered a life changing statement "God is working in Ghana, come and join Him", words that had been echoing throughout the Henry Blackaby study. "If you want to serve God, watch where He is working and join Him there". Their first trip to Africa came that spring with a three-city evangelism crusade. They not only saw a tremendous response of the people that heard the gospel, they had a personal response to join the work of God going on in Ghana.

THEIR PRIMARY MISSION WORK IN AFRICA is water drilling projects. After ten years and 300 wells, 200,000 people now have safe clean water to drink! But water is not the only provision APF Ministry brings to the nation of Ghana. In 1998, they joined the team of Samaritan’s Purse to bring Operation Christmas Child gifts into the country. That first year, 7,000 boxes were brought in. Increasing the numbers every year, in 2006, 85,000 boxes were delivered to Ghana. Now, African nationals, trained under their leadership, have taken over the direct distribution responsibilities, but the Fultons continue to participate by taking a portion of the boxes into villages, orphanages, and hospitals, focusing on discipleship programs with local ministries and pastors. Through their extraordinary dedication to the project, to date over 450,000 children have received these gifts and heard the message of the Gospel, "the greatest gift of all!"

Through their extraordinary dedication to the project, to date over 300,000 children have received these gifts and heard the message of the Gospel, “the greatest gift of all!”

EVER MINDFUL OF OUTREACH AND MINISTRY opportunities, in 2003 through an introduction by Sunshine After Rain Ministries , Allan and Patsy became involved with Joni and Friends Wheels to the World program. In 2005, they became the official Ghana National Directors, facilitating the delivery of over 6,000 wheelchairs, numerous other types of mobility equipment, as well as starting a new prosthesis program through Standing with Hope.

THE SUCCESS OF THEIR DRILLING VENTURES has enabled the work of the ministry to be independent of US funds. The profit from the water well projects support the ongoing work by providing funding for duty taxes to be paid on the Joni and Friends wheelchairs and the Samaritan’s Purse containers, as well as underwriting the costs of an annual Vacation Bible School which last year served 6,800 children and this year will serve close to 10,000!

CURRENTLY, THEY ARE WORKING ON A WAREHOUSE to accommodate a Training Center for AIDS education teaching pastors and local leaders, a wheelchair shop to train repair technicians that will serve those receiving equipment through the Wheels to the World program. Additional fitting technique training will provide Ghanaian teams that will complete more wheelchair distributions along with the US teams that come each year. Another of their critical projects is to provide 100,000 AIDS test kits from the US to Ghana.

WE ARE PLEASED AND PROUD of the commitment APF Ministries has made in serving as the administrators of the discretionary funding to Ghana, for Sunshine After Rain Ministries.

IN A COUNTRY WHERE THE NEEDS ARE GREAT, the ministry of Allan and Patsy Fulton is meeting the need greatly!

APF Ministries Disbursements

Mephibosheth Disabled Children’s Home

Founded in 2004 by Mary Jane Ponten of Mephibosheth Ministries, this children’s home serves the severely neglected population of disabled children in Ghana. Ms. Ponten suffers herself from cerebral palsy, but at 77 it has yet to slow her down. She tirelessly serves the disabled and disenfranchised throughout the world, but Ghana holds a special place in her heart, having witnessed first hand through her affiliation with the Joni and Friends Wheels to the World distribution the treatment of the disabled in the country. They are seen as "cursed" individuals and often the children afflicted are abandoned. Ms. Ponten has worked to educate pastors, community leaders and individuals to see “the least of these” as special emissaries of Christ. Through her efforts a nation is changing, hearts are growing, and lives are being saved!

Frafraha Christ Faith Foster Home

This faith-based children’s facility is home to over 50 children of various ages. Once the children are accepted into the orphanage, it is considered their home for life. They never are released from care due to their age. They are encouraged to find work outside the facility, and oftentimes educated with various skill levels that will ensure their ability to contribute to society. Because of the location in a rural suburb of the capital city, provisions and basic necessities can sometimes be scarce. The special disbursement will help address emergency situations that affect the children and their future .

Pastor Ohene Kumi

Pastor Ohene, has been blanketing his nation with Christ’s love through committed and tireless evangelism efforts over 15 years. Each year 30,000 children are impacted by his ministry through Samaritan’s Purse and Good News Bible clubs he has established across the country. In addition, working with a core team of 8 pastors, the Jesus Film is show annually to over 45,000 adults – resulting in the establishment of four new churches and seven fellowships. He is dedicated to discipling and training young pastors and lay persons. His work with World Vision has established over 52 after school Bible programs across the region. He teaches Old Testament at the All Africa Bible College in the capital city of Accra. Funding to Pastor Ohene supplements his income to cover basic needs and travel costs for his ministry.

Pastor Kenneth Amoateng

This dynamic 37 year-old pastor joined the APF Ministry team in 2000 on their first Samaritan’s Purse distribution in Ghana. Since that time, he has annually participated in the Operation Christmas Child program ministering to over 450,000 children across the nation. He is the youngest man ever promoted to Elder status in his church, currently serving as District Youth Leader, administering and counseling the leadership to over 12,000 children, in all aspects of ministry and outreach for his denomination. Since 2004 he has worked under Pastor Ohene Kumi as the Tema City coordinator for Vacation Bible School programs and Good News Bible Clubs in the area. His direct involvement affects 15,000 children in 22 schools. Pastor Kenneth, trains and recruits lay volunteers to support the local work conducted at the schools. Over 175 teachers are active participants to train the children in after school Bible studies. He has exhibited his commitment to ministry even when funding was non-existent. Sunshine After Rain Ministries supports this excellent example of servanthood and leadership by underwriting monthly support of his salary.

Global Mission Fellowship

Global Missions Fellowship (GMF) strives to put a church within walking distance of every person in the world. Today ,they serve churches in over 40 countries around the globe. To date, nearly 500,000 men and women have received Christ and over 3,500 new churches have been planted. One of GMF’s single greatest strengths is our ability to provide laypeople with the opportunity to have fruitful ministry without spending years in seminary -- or in some cases -- even leaving their present occupations.

Pastor Joseph Oyuki , Rwanda

Pastor Oyuki receives supplemental monthly support from Sunshine After Rain Ministries. Dedicated to seeing his nation so devastated by Civil War in 1994 hear the gospel, he sees the only solution for the healing of his country is the love of Christ. Through his commitment and concern thousands will come into the Kingdom and be ministered to by the God who heals.


Pioneers mobilize teams to glorify God among unreached peoples by initiating church planting movements in partnership with local churches. In 2006 Bajalia Trading Company (BTC) partnered with Pioneers to bring committed individuals to the foreign field to assist with local incorporation of business initiatives in rural and impoverished communities. BTC is a nonprofit fair trade organization that partners with artisans and entrepreneurs in undeveloped regions of the world while stimulating growth in their communities.

Susanne Price , Senegal

Susanne Price (former regional director at Samaritan’s Purse) communicated her heart for Africa and the unreached to Executive Director Charlynn Johns, during a Ghana Operation Christmas Child outreach in 2005. Charlynn gave her ministry contacts and the rest as they say is "HIS-story". Susanne relocated permanently to Kenya in the summer of 2007, and is now serving in Senegal, West Africa among the Wolof people. Her ministry focus is women in this predominantly Muslim country. Sunshine After Rain Ministries supports her work there on a monthly basis.

Love Botswana

Love Botswana Outreach Mission goal is to minister to the nation of Botswana as well as serving the surrounding countries.

Kabelo Mashumba

Kabelo received one time support to purchase a keyboard for his ministry with children’s outreach and youth camps. Kabeol was trained at Christ for the Nations in evangelism and cross-cultural work.

Philemon Kones, Kenya

Our association with Philemon began in the summer of 2004 during a mission outreach between Fellowship Bible Church Dallas and the ministry work of ALARM. While in Nakuru, we were introduced to local pastors and mission work struggling to make ends meet in this impoverished area. The team of 14 women contributed to the purchase of land for the vision of this young Pastor to have the dream realized of the Gospel being shared in his small neighborhood. When the violence broke out during the elections of 2008, Philemon and his family had to abandon the land and his home and become IDP’s (Internally Displaced People). His accounts from the front lines of these ethnic attacks were heart wrenching. Sunshine After Rain Ministries contributed to a fund to help with his relocation as well as providing security for his family. In December of 2008, Philemon was able to return and begin to rebuild what the enemy tried to destroy.

Rehema Ministries

After visiting the orphanage in the Spring of 2009, Sunshine After Rain Ministries provided critical funding for the completion of their clean water well project. Now, they are able to irrigate crops as well as having running water to the children's homes. 2010 Update from Rehema Ministries: "When the borehole was drilled we tapped into an underground river of pure drinking water. We now are giving free water to the village.

So now in 2010 we have been given $80,000 in funding to build a medical clinic that will serve the children's home and the community. God has been so gracious to us. We now have 82 children at the home and have begun fundraising to build the next wing for a boys dorm. We have run out of room, the living room is now a nursery, the veranda is filled three fourths with highchairs and tables. Looks like we might need to build a cafeteria in the future. Please stand in prayer with us for the building projects."

For more information see their website:


Africa Hope

Through the stateside sending agency of Jaron Ministries Sunshine After Rain supports the ongoing East Africa initiatives of Pastor Gil Harder. Projects include bringing Bibles to national pastors, training local and village lay people, starting church schools and Bible colleges as well as ministry throughout Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya.

Kitengela Church School

In the spring of 2009, provided funding for pictoral Bible teaching tools for the school. This supplemental financial assistance enables resources to go straight to the project requested without being subject to overhead.

INS Ministries, Ghana

For hundreds of years in the Volta region of Ghana, West Africa, the Trokosi practice (Trokosi is a Ghanaian word meaning "slaves to the Gods") has been enslaving young virgin girls in ritualistic sexual bondage.

I.N. Network Ghana was established in 1987 and is committed to the development of the rural and underprivileged people of Ghana. The Trokosi Liberation and Vocational Training Project springs from the compassion and vision of Rev. Pimpong, who has bulti a relationship of trust with the Fetish priests and village elders over the years. Sunshine After Rain Ministrie sdonated to IN Network to help fund and gain freedom for these young enslaved women.

Evangelical Lutheran Church, Tanzania

Katoma Village

Provided new Bibles for villagers participating in seminar. This village had a long history of murdering elderly women suspected of being cursed. The Muslim elders of the village requested funding and teaching for the young children.

Irente School for the Blind

Purchased humanitarian relief for orphaned children in the Irente region of north eastern Tanzania. New sweaters and winter blankets were also provided for each of the children.

Amani Orphanage

Humanitarian funds were provided for street children taken into the Amani Orphanage. Working with the teachers, the team of women was able to interact with the street children and exhibit the love and mercy of Christ.

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