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Sunshine After Rain Ministries

Lone Star Church, NelloreIndia Slideshow

PASTOR BENHUR BABU was born to parents who were both orphans. Perhaps this is what gives him the extraordinary compassion he has for the lost and broken in his country of India. Even as a young child of twelve, his heart desire to serve beggars and those in great need. After much prayer and hardship in his life, in 1995, Benhur graduated with a Bachelor of Divinity Degree from the Hyderabad seminary.

Sunshine After Rain Ministries began work in Nellore in conjunction with an East West International trip in 2007. We were impressed by the amount of work the Pastor and his trained lay workers were able to complete with few financial resources. During the first trip to Nellore, rural villages were ministered to, and close to 500 heard the Good News of the Gospel – many for the first time. We also visited a Leper Colony and delivered medical supplies to their community. Funding was provided to buy food for local beggars and lepers living near the city.

Lone Star Church trains village believers to become pastors and evangelize neighboring areas. These tireless workers have planted 50 village churches with 30 pastors administering services each week.

During the December 2004 tsunami, the need for the Gospel became even greater as families were devastated with personal property loss and many loved ones swept away by the force of the disaster; thousands of children were orphaned. Through a generous donation Jane’s House orphanage was founded. Today, Jane’s House is home to 25 children, with many of the newer children found abandoned at the local train station, some as young as three years old. Pastor Benhur and his wife, personally oversee the development, education and spiritual growth of the children.

In 2008, on a return visit to minister in Nellore, Sunshine After Rain Ministries had the privilege to visit the Leper Colony again. The vision for the young women at the colony to learn a skill to provide them a source of dignity, as well as enabling them to sew clothing for themselves (tailors will not touch lepers) was shared by the Pastor. The ministry received special funds to make this vision a reality. In the summer of 2008, ten young women started the Pilot Project.

Ciblas Ministry, Machilipatnam

JOHNSON KUMAR, had a great deal to live up to. He was born into a family of God’s servants, 4 older brothers are pastors with large active ministries (Pastor Benhur Babu is one of his older brothers) and both parents are strong Christian witnesses in their Hindu culture.

On the same visit we made to India in 2007 and began work in Nellore, we also associated with Johnson and heard his vision and experienced his passion for the lost of Machilipatnam. Although he was initially reluctant to leave his well-paid job as a professor, when the December 2004 tsunami hit the eastern shoreline of India, like many other Christians God offered an opportunity he could not turn his back on. The devastation of the area compounded the impoverishment of the local rural people. Johnson encountered many western Christians assisting with the humanitarian efforts. One, a young woman moved by the plight of so many homeless and parentless children, donated funds to open a facility for those she found on the streets. Johnson agreed to manage then funds and assist in the day to day care of the children in the new Goodman Home. He continues to assist orphans and provide spiritual nurturing and love for those who have suffered such great loss. He was thrust into ministry by more than a flood!

Johnson was surrounded by a "great cloud of witnesses" for Christian service in his own family. Many of his outreaches to the poor, the untouchables, and the orphans, are encounters made in his daily life. While passing a colony of "no-caste" tribal people, he saw young women and children scavenging through filthy water canals to find snails to eat. He stopped his car to speak with them. He provided small monetary assistance but even greater eternal assistance when he shared the love of Christ with those who had never heard the name of Jesus.

This colony of Yannadi tribal people was one of our first areas of ministry. We played with the children and prayed with the adults. Sunshine After Rain Ministries left funds for new clothes for the children, blankets as well as food for the winter months ahead, making a significant and immediate difference to improve their quality of life.

In the winter of 2008, a building fund was established by Sunshine After Rain Ministries for the Yannadi colony to suport the finishing of suitable housing. During our initial visit we saw thatched structures covered with whatever plastic waste or material could be found. On the surrounding property were foundations begun by a builder who absconded with the funds well before completion. These open pits presented a danger for the young children wandering about.

Johnson Kumar employed local workers to excavate and prepare the original buildings for completion as well as construct concrete homes for the community. In an area once a danger zone, there is now a haven of hope and help for those the government and society has turned against.

Redeeming India, Kodaikanal

IN 2003 SONY AND SOSO PRINCE were ready to begin their service to the Lord in India – a young family with passion and commitment to follow wherever God would lead. Through evangelism outreaches in rural villages they learned of the horrific practice in the area of female infanticide due to centuries old superstitious beliefs. Every girl child born an odd number in the family (,1 3, or 5) was killed at birth by the midwives who delivered them. The plight of these tiny infants moved Sony to make arrangements through local believers to pay the midwives ten times more to save the children than the families paid to destroy them. The work of Redeeming India was born. In 2007, Sunshine After Rain Ministries conducted a research and development work in conjunction with East West Ministries International. Later the same year, Sony Prince fell ill unexpectedly, and passed on to glory in December.

In the Spring of 2008, we returned with a team of six women to make physical improvements to the orphanage as well as sew new bedding, curtains and aprons for the workers.

Arun Kochary, Siliguri

IN NOVEMBER OF 2007, Sunshine After Rain Ministries in partnership with East West Ministries International teamed with the local area ministry headed by Peter Kashung to work with the Director of Children’s Ministry Arun Kochary on a village outreach program. Seeing the effectiveness of "tricks" and storytelling, Arun petitioned us for supplies and supplemental funding to enable his team of workers to reach illiterate children during the Summer Camp programs. We were happy to send materials to be used through short term team members traveling to northern India. Monetary contributions were used to help purchase food for the lunches of village children many the meal they receive during the daily program is the only one they will have for the day.

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