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Committed to serving  the disenfranchised and lost. We impact  orphans  and those affected by war, trauma and  disabilities. 


Battle Buddy Info

Battle Buddy Info Logo

After several years working with returning military families and hearing the difficulties they faced locating services for assistance, Battle-Buddy Info  was born. The online Directory of Military Resources for Active Duty, Veterans and their Caregivers allows for quick access to non-profits and resources that provide direct assistance to veterans and active duty personnel, in a user-friendly format.  


#StopOne Logo

Suicide in the veteran community has reached crisis proportions. Each day there are 22 deaths by self-directed violence. Working under the leadership of the Dallas Veterans Resource Center, the #StopOne suicide prevention, education and awareness program was developed. We've be in the world-changing business for over 20 years, we're ready to see the statistics of suicide reduced with the hope of Christ. 

Military Ministry

Freedom Day 2017 at the Dallas Veterans Resource Center

Our efforts impact the local community of veterans through coordination of major events. We have proudly served as the Veteran Partner Coordinator at the largest single-day ministry impact to homeless and underserved Veterans in the country. Since 2008, we have be an integral part in week-long retreats to wounded warriors, one of the only faith-based ministries that includes spouses and children.



Russian orphan alone in the winter

Partnering with East West Ministries International, our first visit (of many) to the former Soviet Union was in 1998. A door was opened for the hope of Christ to be shared in orphanages suffering from the economic crisis. 


Orphans at the Taian Children's Home in Shandong Province

Invited to China by educators led to unprecedented access to orphans who seldom had visitors. Engaging students at the university to serve as volunteers shaped thousands with opportunities of hope. Interviewed by regional  television and radio increased our reach to millions!


Ghanaian school children waiting at the Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child distribution


In Africa we've served tens of thousands in Ghana with Operation Christmas Child, delivered wheelchairs, ministered to orphans, as well as training women and lay leaders in Kenya and Tanzania.


Orphans napping all in one bed at the Kodaikanal orphanage

The 2004 tsunami left over 30,000 dead on the island of Sri Lanka; early in 2005 we traveled to share hope in the midst of the horrific. We expanded our territory to the mainland of India, working in rural villages of unreached people groups. Opening a sewing center in a leper colony and being among the untouchables with the Heart that touches the world. 


Joni and Friends Wheels to the World outreach in war-torn Bosnia


Our ministry began in Israel in 1996 at orphanages and hospitals, those visits continued for over 15 years. Through the Wheels to the World program of Joni and Friends over 1,000 pieces of mobility equipment were delivered in war-torn Bosnia and Romania. 


Orphanage in Punta Mita, Mexico


The calling of Christ is answered no matter how far or close. Serving orphans and rural villagers in Mexico, delivering wheelchairs in Bolivia and Cuba, and traveling to Haiti after the hurricane to reach remote villages with hope. For 10 years summer ministry always included Joni and Friends Family Retreat.

A Good Reason To Go


Today, I met Jesus

He ran right up to me

And with the arms of a little one

Hugged me till I couldn't breathe!

Today, I heard Jesus

And what a voice He had!

I heard Him in the laughter 

Of a child no longer sad.

Today, I saw Jesus

He had a great big smile!

I saw Him in the face

Of every grinning child.

Today, I kissed Jesus

And tasted eternity

For on the lips of the "least of these"

He said, "You have done so unto Me."

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