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A Good Reason to GO

A Good Reason to Go : Confessions Conclusions and One-sided conversations

Announcing the Release of A Good Reason to Go!

A Good Reason To Go will overwhelm you with the reality of a lost world, but inspire you with victories in the field. Charlynn Johns has a soldier's heart for battle, a farmer's heart for sowing, and a lover's heart for the lost.  

"Good stories have a beginning that excites, a middle that intrigues and an ending that satisfies. We want heroes and victories. We want our questions answered. In the end we want to know there is a purpose to pain, and a plan in place that moved the story of our lives along. Unfortunately and frequently, lives lived out in faith have few of the above components.

My stories from the mission field remain unresolved. I leave each destination with poverty still in play and despair still determined to rob hope from its victims. And while I have come to understand and accept what I see is only a small part of the bigger picture, it does not make the experience easier..." 

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What people are saying...

"I was privileged to read A Good Reason To Go before the official publication. When I started there was such sadness, so much need; I wondered how she can maintain her faith. Then as I kept reading, the faith became almost contagious. I read the mission, call and duty through her eyes and heart as well as through the eyes and hearts of the children so vividly brought to light in the stories. My vision for the lost and broken has been reawakened." 

K  Mayfield, Detective, Crimes Against Children Division

"We have long contributed our prayers and financial support to God’s ministries in the U.S. and around the world, but it was not until we met Charlynn Johns and began to follow her through her amazing adventures in service to the Lord that we truly understood the joys and sacrifices of international ministry. Ready to risk her health, her physical safety and her heart in order to reach the world for Christ, Charlynn has taught us about the sacrifices and joys of front line ministry. Told with passion and honesty, A Good Reason To Go will put you next to Charlynn on the front lines. Scary, thrilling, and joyfully inspirational!" 

K and W Kreager, FAIA, LEED® AP, MIRM 


...For the purposes of the book, the chronicles of my day to day mission happenings in a particular place at a particular time follow a thematic direction based on a poem I wrote entitled "Chosen." I penned it as a reminder of the Creator's steady hand on my life and His intention to make each of His "chosen" more Christ-like. I am mindful to refelct His strength in times of hardship, His grace in days of discomfort, His mercy in place of judgement, His love for those hard to embrace, His gentleness in the midst of chaos, His patience when the rope's end flies out of reach, and His peace when frightened...

When my oldest son traveled on business to Bangladesh he asked if he should plan to see any other area in the region, I explained it is a tough place for the "uninitiated" traveler. I said, "You should have a really good reason to go." He called me when he arrived in Dhaka and said, "This is the most God-forsaken place I have ever seen. I have a whole new appreciation for what you do, But tell me how do you do it?"

I replied, "I have a really good reason to go."

Confessions, Conclusions and One-Sided Conversations

On the Way Struggle


Struggle is part of the life of faith. Even the larger-than-life characters from the Bible faced their own oftentimes insurmountable struggles. They faced armies that vastly outnumbered their own, temptations of the flesh, the devil's mocking and ultimately the mysterious timing of the God they believed. 

In Truth Suffering

A Good Reason to Go, In Truth Suffering

We can see statistics on just how great suffering is in defined areas of need. What goes unmeasured, unseen and too often unknown, is the great suffering housed in the soul. 

That  is the truth.

In Life Praying

A Good Reason to Go, In Life Praying

A life of faith is lived in hope, There is expectancy in the midst of struggle; things will get better. There is trust that even in suffering, God promises to work all things together for the good. Those attitudes are more than choices we make to "look on the bright side." They are reflective of the character which comes from the discipline of prayer. 

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